When we see your pet in consultation or in emergency, we discuss with you the various additional examinations or treatments to be carried out. You will be given an estimate. These examinations/treatments will only be carried out once you have given your consent.

For any surgery or when your pet is hospitalised, a deposit of approximately 30% is required on the estimate made by the clinician in charge of your pet.

All services provided by the clinic are payable in cash. Payments by cash, bancontact or visa are accepted. 

Cost of some of our services 

  • Specialist appointment: 74 euros (except obstetrics: 66 euros)
  • Control appointment: 33 euros
  • Daytime emergency: 90 euros
  • Night and weekend emergencies: 105 euros

Rates for screenings 

Echocardiographic screening for heart disease

  • First animal : 162 euros
  • Additional animal :  100 euros

Official screening for dysplasia

  • Hips only: 139.65 euros (sedation not included)
  • Hips and elbows: 170.10 euros (sedation not included)
  • Hips, elbows and shoulders: 181.65 euros (sedation not included)

Screening for (presumed) hereditary eye defects

  • 1 dog: 49.35 euros
  • 2-4 dogs (per dog): 37.80 euros
  • > 4 dogs (per dog): 32.55 euros
  • Puppies: 13,13 euros

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail if you need more information about our prices.


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