Did you know that your pet can save many lives?

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Just like humans, dogs and cats can give blood to help their fellow man.

In 2021, almost 400 dogs and cats were able to benefit from a transfusion in our clinic!
As blood bags have a limited shelf life, our blood bank is constantly recruiting new donors, in order to avoid a shortage of blood and to contribute to the recovery or survival of our hospitalised animals.

Blood transfusions are generally indicated in cases of severe haemorrhage (blood loss due to trauma, intoxication, or during surgeries ...) or in cases of severe haemolysis (destruction of red blood cells). Plasma transfusions are necessary for the treatment of certain medical conditions.
With a single donation, your pet can save up to three other animals: the bag of whole blood collected at the time of donation can be further divided into a bag of red blood cells, a bag of plasma and a bag of platelets.

Donating blood is a simple procedure that takes an average of thirty minutes.
Before each donation, a complete general examination is carried out by our veterinarian. If an abnormality is detected, the donation is not made, our main concern being to work in respect of your animal's well-being.
Cats are very lightly sedated and dogs give their blood vigorously.
An annual blood test is carried out free of charge, and we will also give you your pet's blood group.
At each donation we test for the main blood-borne parasites to ensure that your pet is not a carrier, and give you the results within a few days of your arrival. This allows you to have a good follow-up of your pet's health.
Your hero will be rewarded after the procedure with petting and a bag of Hill's kibble.

In practice

Donors must meet the following conditions:

  • Weigh more than 20kg (dog) or more than 3.5kg (cat)
  • Be between 1 and 10 years old
  • Be in good health, correctly vaccinated and dewormed
  • Not have received a transfusion


To register your pet send us an email with your name and a description of your four-legged friend to the following email address :  


It is also possible to call us:   +32(0)4 366 45 17. We will answer all your questions without any worries!
Follow us also via our website  (www.bsanimal.be) or on social networks (facebook, instagram) : Animal Blood Bank Benelux

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